Saturday, September 17, 2011

the night circus. part i.


over the summer, writer erin morgenstern sent me an advance copy of her book, the night circus. holding it in my hands that first time, i turned it over and marveled at the splendid design (when you are a writer, specifically obsessed with visuals, its amazing to see an excellent cover, so well suited to the aesthetics of the narrative.) i knew i was going to enjoy it, it held all the elements of what i love in a book; a traveling circus, a specific time in history i wish i could time travel to, and surreal magical elements that draw me in with a sharpened lure. 

 despite all this, the book sat at the top of my bedside book tower (there are several of these around the house, toppling over in the middle of the night, getting covered in fine silver dust....) i kept staring at it longingly in my mind while i plunged into lookbooking or new jewelling or the alchemical texts i read before bed.

i finally folded myself into it the other night and yes, i was reeled in. it has a potent power for the magically inclined. i'm only halfway through and will write another post when i'm done, but i want to tell you go buy it or borrow it. right now. let this book sit on your tongue and melt like a violet candy. i promise you will not be disappointed. i can already image a few jewels popping up in homage......



Anonymous said...

Oh, how absolutely timely. All my books are packed up and sent off, and I have had nothing to hold, to pore through late at night and lose myself in. Gaslight mysteries read on the internet by the eerie glow of the 2AM computer screen do not count AT ALL, I assure you. As soon as I get settled in and can justify making a purchase you can be sure I will hunt down this title.

Unknown said...

I am going to run right out and get a copy. My favorite book ever is Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes so needless to say. I can't wait to dive in!

Rachel Louisa. said...

I am now also about halfway through this enchanting book, and can only dream of the jewels you will conjour up in tribute.
In the mean time, I have featured you in an etsy treasury inspired by my reading so far: