Sunday, September 25, 2011

the sound.

i know i've posted about alison scarpulla before, but her work really speaks to me. it's haunting, visceral, still, imbued with a dark magic, a shrouded beauty. you can nearly feel a kind of tesla electricity captured within them....there is something particularly potent in these images for me as alison is also a native long islander ( the place where i believe many of these images occur).

it's a strange place, that island. i simultaneously abhor and love it, which are the exact same qualities i find myself attracted to in art, literature and objects. . . .



Rachel Louisa. said...

These are haunting. I especially love the third image. xo

Lauren said...

I love her work so much.
I like the sinister/dark feel that her images have - but it's like an undercurrent not really overt you know?