Friday, September 23, 2011

through the weeping glass.

Brothers Quay / In Absentia


in honor of last night's screening 'through the weeping glass', a short film by the brothers quay on the mutter museum, i've decided to hold a special on the three sterling silver watch rings i have left from last spring that were inspired by the brothers quay 'in absentia' film. each watch no longer ticks / works but retains the elegant details / tiny clock works, tiny rubies / from the victorian era they were made in. these were originally priced at 135.00 and are on special for 75.00. they are already sized but can be re-sized to fit you at no extra charge. if you're interested, email me at to view more photos, check out my flickr.

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merricat said... always. I am so excited, I will go see the film tomorrow night!