Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween bleed.


mini planchette oracle ring & necklace (half the size of the original pieces). i've been swooning over these since they came out of cast. though they are "small" to me since i'm used to the original sized planchette pieces, they are still quite big.


'what we will be' runic divination cuff.


mini planchette ring in action. (coming soon will be earrings & a cuff)


'forget me not' snake rib earrings.


the crystal tomb. part iii. a duel of starling claws and quartz pyramid.

halloween is a special day/night for me. not only is it the only time of year that the veil between the living and the dead becomes its thinnest, it is also my wedding anniversary. this year marks three years i've been married to my true love. we'll be headed out to SF to attend the 'spirit board' exhibition, a group show i curated for articulated gallery within loved to death's boutique. & also, its only a couple of weeks until my lookbook comes out.  christina brown, the photographer of the lookbook and i have been offered a show at philly's 309 gallery. i'll be showing my personal collection of pieces alongside her large prints of some of the shots from the lookbook. (there's nearly 40 total!) we are thinking of printing a  few copies of the book as there is also little snips of text accompanying the potent images. here's another little sneak:


stay tuned for give a way details later in the day.


Rachel Louisa. said...

That final photo is just perfection. Happiest of Halloweens to you!

RavenWolf said...

GORGEOUS! Having the "need, need, need" feeling again....

Happy Anniversary--what an amazing time of year to get married! WIshing you both a wonderful day.

Sofia Ajram said...

Can't wait to see the new lookbook. Congratulations on your three years, I think it's delightfully appropriate that today is your wedding anniversary.

Sammi said...

I really, really need the mini planchette ring. Best start saving.