Saturday, October 1, 2011


september is always a hard month for my psychically and i'm glad to see it go. this past week has been filled with travels, crystal mining, studio cleaning, bleeding and all the other general tomfoolery that goes into maintaing an independent business run by a sensitive. hence my internet absence. but here's what i've been up to:

snaring quartz.

reading 'the brothers quay: into a metaphysical playground' at night.

from david hochbaum's studio.

visited david hochbaum's  inspiring studio in nyc. (more on that soon)

added to the glorious garden of phantoms.

serious phantom quartz. this will be hard to let go of.

october is my love and i's month. we fell in love in the autumn & were married on halloween.

& lastly, super proud of my lady amanda (adelina mictlan) for releasing her lookbook:

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Rachel Louisa. said...

Your nails look excellent. I also love the little embroidered sign. xo