Friday, November 11, 2011

against darkness.

though there are many other things planned for today, i was inspired by angel's post about her 11/11/11 celebrations to write one of my own. when i was in boarding school, i would sneak across the hall to my friend shore's room where other friends waited in the dark for 11:11, to make a wish and have a meeting. we would talk and laugh in this darkness, sometimes quietly for fear of being caught by our dorm heads, and other times not as successfully. we would meet like this until 12:12 when we would have another wish before heading off to our own beds. i've been trying to remember what i would wish for all those years ago, and can only vaguely remember wishing for love.

more soon.



Angeliska said...

lovelovelove xoxoxo

OhMyVonHarman said...

hauntingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing this video.