Saturday, December 10, 2011



today is the last day to purchase from black phoenix alchemy labs in time for the holidays. i was turned on to their bewitching scents by mlle ghoul ( & they are also mentioned on the acknowledgements page of erin's book, 'the night circus'!( also another great gift idea) ) and haven't looked back since, though i spent most of my life loyal to a certain egyptian musk oil. when i was young i read once somewhere that a lady should always wear the same scent, nail-polish color and should always drink the same cocktail. always. in this way these little rituals become potent signatures. however, scents also have the marvelous power of transporting you, completely cocooning you in the skin of a new aesthetic or experience. they can reel you into the past like a snare, conjuring memories of the murky past. 

with hundreds of scents inspired by alice in wonderland, the last unicorn and shakespeare amongst others, and no way to experience/smell them in person, one must rely on the incredible names, ideas & writing when choosing a scent. for those a little gun shy, they offer small vials for testing called imp ears. while picking one from this large well of exotic and hypnotizing offerings may seem daunting, here is a list of the scents i've been dying to try :

1. limited edition: old moon

2. snake oil.  a cocktail of indonesian oils and our favorite aphrodisiac: vanilla. 

3. arcana.  the essence of the arcane. 

4. slippery poppy tincture. recommended for mediums & to strengthen the astral body !

5. vasilissa. she herself had cheeks like blood and milk and grew every day more and more beautiful.

6. iago. fated leather & musk.

7. hecate. no explanation needed.



Anonymous said...

Scent is akin to music. If you stick to just one,you've only read one chapter of the book.Luca Turin is the man that you want to explore. His insatiable words are amass in gorgeouness & his descriptions of perfumes. In ..'The Emperor of Scent' by Chandler Burr..he opens up a whole world unseen to us in the creations of scent molecules. & the music that is compounded with them ~_~

naomi nowak said...

i love love love black phoenix alchemy lab! always fun to see other people's favorite's too, mine so far include brown jenkin, death cap, roadhouse and arcana also .. i've been dying to try snake oil.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I didn't realize it was getting so late in December...sadly I am not going to be able to make the cut for shipping. I have recently made a scent addict of my sister and was hoping to procure a few surprises for her in time for the holidays. Oh well, she's got a birthday too, I guess! Unfortunately, the one from my collection she fell in love with is Antique Lace, which has since been discontinued.

Molly said...

ahhh snake oil is so amazing! have you gotten your bottle of Leather Phoenix yet?

bloodmilk. said...

@ghoulnextdoor. you've gotten me completely addicted !

@molly it hasn't come yet, can't wait! has yours come? how is it ?

@naomi i'll have to check out those scents you wear !


Molly said...

I haven't gotten my bottle yet, no! But they are shipping according to the forums so maybe sometime next week. I am on pins and needles!

I agree with Anon, I read the "Emperor of Scent" last year and it was amazing...both the process of chemistry and Luca Turin's amazing nose.

Perfuming is an amazing art and I am so happy that Beth Barrial and everyone at BPAL is keeping it alive.

Tamara Santibanez said...

I am dying to try these! What supremely enticing names and descriptions...have you tried Black Amber Balm? They are handmade black beeswax solid scents from the mysterious beauty Emmelie Brunetti. My current favorites are the Rose and Oakmoss.

On an unrelated note, please let me know next time you're in Brooklyn if you don't find yourself too crunchy with time! I would love to get coffee and chat or have you come by the studio.