Wednesday, December 21, 2011

loved to death

dec 2011

dec 2011

i recently sent a small box of bloodmilk to SF's loved to death that are currently available to ship. a bunch of the pieces haven't been listed in the shoppe yet, including the vintage hand shaped pen nib castings and the mini pentacle necklace. there is also a one of a kind crystal point with a snake rib 'cage' holding it. if you're interested in something for a holiday gift, they can be reached for shipping rates at 415-551-1036.



Anonymous said...

Jess, is that a snake rib wrapped quartz point? I was going to email you and ask for a custom order of one of those beauties! Is it an obsession when you have more than 10 pieces of beautiful bloodmilk jewelry? Ha!

Rachel Louisa. said...

Those pen nibs are perfect!

adireg said...

So cool