Friday, January 13, 2012

another life.

for when i find the time:

*steampunk! (it's edited by kelly link!)

*no one (though i have the sinking feeling it will break my heart)

have you read any of these ?


Rachel Louisa. said...

Just started the third book of 1Q84, and it's amazing. Intend to review it asap. Your other picks look interesting, too!

Samantha said...

1Q84 has been taunting me from my shelf, yelling "You're never going to have time for me!".

peggy said...

I love your reading lists
I havent read any of those...yet
Right now i'm reading "Elle" by Douglas Glover
I think you might like it, i read it last year too, (yeah, i love it that much) it's a good winter read.

Wishcandy said...

It took be a month and a half to read 1Q84. I absolutely adore it and i'm glad i took my time. To savor every nuance in his writing. It's his best to date!

Which is hard for me to say because Sputnik Sweetheart was my favorite.