Thursday, January 5, 2012

feel better.

i've been obsessed with looking at images of nurses from the 1930's ever since my last trip to 'sleep no more.' i had a private encounter with a very creepy, eye piercing nurse in the woods in her little tea hut. i keep meaning to write about it here, but two things hold me back. i don't want to tamper with anyone's future experience & secondly, i've decided that my newest collection of jewels will be based on my experiences there, macbeth and the 1930's. more on this very soon. in the meantime, i made an homage mix here.



S4NtA_MU3rTE said...

fucking perfect.

Sam said...

My husband had one of the "private encounters" with a nurse on a secret floor. I wish I had time to go back again before we leave town!