Wednesday, January 18, 2012

forever mine, forever yours.

a peek at some bits from around my home studio:

this piece was salvaged from an emotional wreck & means so much to me. i'm not sure where it originally came from or who penned it, which only adds to its peculiar history.

studio wall.

i write here. i also assemble and box jewels here. i see this wall hours a day and it contains some of my favorite artworks.

around the holidays a lot of jewels went out to new homes. . . . .

being raised near the sea in long island has always made me feel connected to large bodies of water. i feel that the edge of "any" ocean is the most magical place to be, in between worlds. this smaller shell was my mothers and then mine. i can't remember not having it. the large one i picked out of the sea the first weekend my love & i spent together. i can never remember being so lucky before or after with finding such a large shell.

more of these soon.


audra said...

love u wifey.... xo

Lauren said...

Love these. Your place looks amazing.


Love that. I have a large pink conch that was originally my grandmother's [who taught me to draw & paint as a child]. The shell itself is well over 60 years old!

Amber Dennett said...

I absolutely adore those wall decorations, I'd love to do something similar in my flat. Feeling very inspired x