Thursday, March 15, 2012

collecting wounds.

when i was little, my father & i would roam around looking for treasures in the streets. he was always attracted to ceramic figurines, and we would often find them missing a limb or hand. to remedy this he also collected limbs for reconfiguring  . . . . nothing was ever too damaged, too broken, if it still had some beauty.

something about the delicate yet subtle violence of these sculptures by justin novak reminded me of those nights walking about with him, looking for things left to be forgotten.


cloudgathererholdmedown said...

gosh, i've had the top image in my ever expanding collection of wonders for a couple of years and i never knew the name of the artist..until now.

thank you.

his work somehow exhibits such tenderness

Rachel Louisa. said...

These are beautiful; thank you for sharing your musings on them and the memories they triggered.