Monday, March 12, 2012

sometimes somnambulist.

i've always been a fan of artist chad merritt's distinct voice & aesthetic. as an artist, it is often difficult to funnel your obsessions and style into a form that is all your own.....for some it takes years of experimenting and trials. here, though, in the case of these wonderfully dark paper cuts, chad has conjured a world of personal myth; combining classic symbols with a fresh spin on an antiquated, romantic technique. i was honored to be asked to write the introduction to his new book, 'take my hand & follow me' and i always look forward to seeing (& collecting !) his new works, such as those above.


Rachel Louisa. said...

<3 Love Mon Petit Fantome, I'm the delighted owner of a print of Shadow Sisters and I want to cover my walls with his work!

Unknown said...

Splendide , st├ęphane