Wednesday, May 9, 2012

an otherness.





"Found objects interest me by their deep-rooted familiarity and their strong narrative potential. Essential to my work is the ability of such objects to create an emotionally coloured space, which allows the viewer to interpret it according to their particular experience. I am interested in moments between the actions: it is on the outskirts of any activity that my installations take place. The objects are always static and bound to their positions; they are intimate, although impersonal and self-contained in a way that makes human presence seem redundant."

enamored by artist nika kupyrova's catalog of works and installations, as well as her thoughtful statement. looking towards 3 dimensional inspiration as i begin to plan on a small fleet of ships for an upcoming show 'farewell' here in philly this fall. more on this soon. 

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Tara Cuccia Photography said...

That first piece is so bizarre! I like it! I always appreciate when people create worthwhile art with found objects. I think one thing a certain kind of artist has in common is that they collect things. However, I don't know how to define that "certain" kind of artist bc I've known people who create really different art with an appreciation for similar objects. Since I was a kid I've collected bones & skeletons. I think once I brought home a dead blackbird. My mom wasn't havin' it.