Thursday, May 3, 2012

what we carry.


lately as i've been transitioning, i've been thinking about the difference between what we carry within our hearts and what we carry within our minds. i wonder if there is truly a marked divide or if one landscape is just the extension of the other, if they pass meaning/thoughts/emotions like pieces of shared fruit.

the above work from artist and teacher alexi natchev is part of a large body of work, 'pages on the cobblestone' that opens tomorrow night at philly's gallery 309 & explores the complexities of both myth and a specific place in time. for me, i find comfort in the thought that our minds exist as places that can also hold the tremendous sea of the heart, that a specific place can hold the well of our being.

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Anonymous said...

The beautiful imagery and your words reminded me of a book I've read, Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities. The concept of landscapes of the mind is very intriguing, and how memories can reconstruct a physical entity true to its nature through the mind while the heart travels in a whole other land is a interesting notion.... and what goes on in between these elevated senses is a constant emotional/logical exchange.