Thursday, June 7, 2012

body as a blade.


yesterday i travelled into nyc to catch the francesca woodman show at the guggenheim before it closed. there always appeared to me a kind of largeness in the emotive quality of her work so i was surprised to see them so small, all framed in pale wood, lining the walls like small letters or wingless birds. despite my having encountered most of them so many times before online or in books, seeing them in person conjured such a potent sadness, a quiet loneliness that lingered for quite a while after we left. 

should you find yourself in nyc before the 13th, i suggest taking a trip to see them before they come down and are split apart again.


Sam said...

These are absolutely incredible.

amy said...

This is beautiful.

Almost too emotional for words.

Sera said...

I found her work claustrophobic. Such a relentless focus on the self. Much of it was her student work and evolution, no? We expand outside ourselves as we evolve, I suppose.

Alexandre Patrick said...

ACK I wanna see this hella! Next time yr in NY let's hangggg, mama! XO