Saturday, June 2, 2012

never say die.


Dance13 40X35cm


dance8 35x30

i'm such a sucker for new life imbued into olde things.
 a forgotten face is reinvented to live again.
 in this way, these ladies never die.

smart stitching by 


Rachel Louisa. said...

These remind of the work of an amazing Italian artist called Maurizio Anzeri - he stitches over the faces of old photographs.

Sinister and supremely beautiful. xo

Alice Baca said...

Really really cool! Never seen anything like this. It looks amazing, I couldn't even tell there's was stitching when I first looked!

WingingIt said...

i love that there is stitching on these...amazing...i have a love for ballerinas as well....your inspiration never ends! thank you