Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the peculiar.

tavi and ira

whew. i just stumbled upon this quirky article about radio host ira glass & tavi gevinson, who is editor over at the rookie mag site, a magazine for teenage girls that reminds me a bit of sassy. this little lady started style rookie when she was 11 and i would occassionally check in (as many others of you i imagine) on her wearing outrageous designer clothing and writing so well for such a young thing. i always wondered what would happen to her when she started to cross the threshold into adulthood and was thrilled that she started rookie mag and seems to be doing so well. i love that she knows ira glass, whose radio talk show 'this american life' has been a jewel box of gem- like stories and a savior for those long trips to ny i take. i really loved reading about how they interact and thought you may too. 


Sam said...

I am really glad to know that I'm not the only grown up that reads Rookie.

molly said...

as someone in her mid twenties now, i really wish that rookie had existed when i was sixteen and spending my days in my best friend's basement trying to put together an all girl rock band and experimenting with make up. KIDS THESE DAYS HAVE IT SO GOOD.