Tuesday, September 18, 2012

not for long, my forlorn.

kymia nawabi

kymia nawabi

kymia nawabi

as some of you might know through past posts here or via the few interviews i've done, bloodmilk started 4 years ago around the time my father was killed. i had needed something to comfort me and looking towards the victorian notions of mourning jewelry and the rituals that often accompanied the loss of a loved one i began making pieces to keep myself busy, to keep my grief distracted. what i didn't know then was how bloodmilk would grow, how it would expand to included other themes and obsessions of mine. what has remained throughout my line is the deep sadness of this loss i still carry. today marks 4 years exactly and i wanted to share kymia nawabi's work 'not for long, my forlorn' which was created as a mediataion on her own father's death.

 when i was in grad school joyce carol oates visited and spoke about how a great violence in a writer's life ( i went for fiction writing) will mark them and all of there subsequent work like a vicious dark cloud, crackling with creative electricity. i believe more than anything, that this is true & know i have more to say in my jewel work and other projects about the terribleness that is loss,  how it transforms into a romantic idea that can leave something beautiful behind.


Sabrina said...

I love Kymia Nawabi's work, especially this presentation. I love your work as well. I can see the haunting beauty in both. xo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. I am a fan of your jewelry, but knew nothing of your story or how you came to make your work. I lost my own father 27 years and 4 days ago. It has shaped everything about me, including all I make, just as Ms. Oates said. I am sorry for your loss and deeply understand unresolved grief, but since what is done is done- I do believe that our suffering makes us better people and better creators than those who live without the pain of violence and death in their personal lives.

in dreams said...

i had no idea that this is how your work started, but i now understand your evolution from mourning jewellery to your work today...as much as death takes from us, it also gives to us, but always in a very different way. <333

H I P P O R A C L E said...

I send absolutely all my love and healing to you, J. All of it. I understand. I understand completely. I love you and his energy guides you. I hope those are words of comfort. He nurtures you still, takes care of you still and aides in your growth forever. You are a beautiful soul.