Wednesday, November 28, 2012

feral & strange.

double parlor at modern eden gallery

art couple double parlour creates these amazing small scale sculptures of strange children. there is something so appealing to me about the liminal, metamorphic space of childhood, i always find myself attracted to fiction and movies where there is a bit of a 'coming of age' or strange/ haunting tale involving children, i.e. 'the devil's backbone' or 'pan's labyrinth.' as much as i also love being an "adult," i miss the days of dangling in trees and coming home with leaves or seaweed in my hair and skinned knees; anything seemed possible, magic was always present. there is something about double parlour's works that make me remember this wild, important time in my life living near the sea.


Frowning in the land of smiles said...

I found your blog recently and I'm so enchanted by it!

Carole said...

I too am enchanted. Wonderful stuff.