Monday, March 4, 2013

curses & cures.

marco mazzoni



what strikes me most about marco mazzoni's work, (aside from the fact that they are entirely composed with colored pencils (magic.) ) is the potency each figure has despite that most of them are usually devoid of eyes. haloed in flora & fauna, the women are either shrouded in voids of darkness or a pale light, contrasting the majesty of nature with the more troublesome aspects of the human experience. based on italian folklore, the women, in tandem to the flora, are derivative of the elements of natural healing, representing how women once healed with herbs (& were often caught in a time where they were subsequently burned as witches for these practices). currently marco has new work on view at galleria patricia armocida. 


in dreams said...


(well, looks like i just found my new favourite artist.)


Liz said...

I absolutely love his work . . . I've always liked that he uses colored pencils, they seem like such an under utilized medium.