Thursday, April 4, 2013

moonstone my love.

BloodMilk 'Belonging To The Darkness' ring in sterling silver & moonstone

moonstone has been a favorite stone for some time now, i was given my first piece of it as a gift to soothe my tendency to absorb other people's emotional landscapes, empath symptoms i still exhibit. moonstone as a talisman and as a healing stone has many more properties than this however, it is considered to be used as a divination tool & has been used and worn in jewelry since ancient times for both its outstanding otherworld beauty ( these are natural, amazing earth made stones !) as well as for its deeply magical qualities. in some cultures it is thought to be the tears of the moon made solid.

it took me a long time to find the size and quality i was searching for to fit the 'belonging to the darkness' ring series. this ring is particularly special, it is a tribute to persephone, the goddess who was captured by the king of the underworld to be his bride. i imagine that while being "captured" isn't really a romantic prospect (unless you are north of that wall that is ;) ) that over time persephone fell in love with her dark lover and thusly possesses both the ability to move between light & dark. 

moonstone is also thought to protect its wearer while traveling in dark nights, or dark times, as well as being thought to strengthen the bonds of love & passion between to lovers when one gifts it to the other, all ideas which fit in as perfect illustrations to my intent with this ring, that it can be a statement of belonging or commitment between lovers, friends, or even a statement that you belong to yourself. with the inclusion of the moonstone, it becomes a potent talisman that can protect your love, heal your grief or give you clarity. 

take a peek at more details & images of it here.

(& many thanks to all of you who have chosen to be engaged with this ring !)


Boho Mixology said...

Wow i'm loving the moonstone in it, looks amazing. I wear my belonging ring so much I get LOADS of compliments on it.

Zoe x

mrsfrankenstein said...

You've done it again hun...
No words, just emotions

Maria said...

You know nothing! Kudos to you! :D

As always, the piece is absolutely amazing! I have come to love everything related to the moon, and the moonstones are just... so dreamlike. Thank you for producing all this amazing art, yes, that is what I call it!

x Maria

in dreams said...

i just love love LOVE this ring...! i'm going to have to save like crazy for it (i haven't got a job right now) but it'll be worth it, i know. <3

Unknown said...


I just emailed you about this ring (me and my boo thing are having the engagement/marriage talks and I know it's coming up soon). This is so beautiful!

heart, Melanie from My Billie

Rhonda said...

When my grandmother died my grandfather gave her ring to my mother. When my grandparents were first married they had very little money. He had a ring made for her. A moonstone surrounded by garnets. Now it is mine. It means the world to me. He but so much love and thought into the ring. Thank you for the information on moonstones. I felt something for that ring the first time my mother showed it to me.

Unknown said...

Wonderful.I can not but love this ring.Speechless.

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