Thursday, May 30, 2013

perpetual agony.



artist and friend dilek baykara is showing a new body of work 'perpetual agony' at supercheif gallery in NYC this evening from 6-11pm. based on the notion of an "emotional purgatory", her work explores a darkly poetic landscape, shrouded by a kind of hidden threat / horror in which her female figures are caught in webs, shown levitating or obscured my ghostly, cosmic mist. if you are local, i recommend stopping by to see her show, it is only open until June 2nd. 

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GhostlyGarden said...

It is a joy to see her work in progress through IG and I have you to thank for that as I discovered her through yours! It would be wonderful to see these in person but unfortunately I live too far away.. much too far away! I wish someone would invent a bloody teleportation device already!