Thursday, June 13, 2013

stasis in darkness

Michaela Knizova

Michaela Knizova

Michaela Knizova

lately i've been working on the last details of a small new moonstone line (take a peek at the new Hecate ring here) that incorporates many of my classic designs with my beloved moonstone thanks in part to the immensely positive response i had to this very first piece in the collection. i am also working on releasing more collaborative pieces with artist Paul Romano, including a new planchette design.

 last year i made a big move in many ways in my life, literally rupturing what was "normal", to move into a loft on my own ( with diego of course. ) this transition became a kind of metamorphosis, i offered myself a second chance at living a new life and i took it without looking back. this sort of rupture marked me in many ways, one of them being a period of stasis here on this blog as well as a kind of slow churning of new ideas for new jewels. i am teeming with them, always, but it has only been over the last couple of months working on the moonstone line that i have been drawn out of this deep sleep. 

something about the dark anxiety of these photos by artist michaela knizova feels like this season in my life. i have found myself to be more brave in the sharing of my life (evidenced through my IG feed) but also a bit more quiet, as there is more joy, more freedom in my day to day life. despite all of this, i am still coming to terms with my melancholy personality, there is gloominess here but there is also so much light. there is a daily struggle that i believe shows through in my jewel work, a push and pull of this darkness/lightness.

i am feeling both grateful and anxious & look forward to sharing my (& our) new pieces with you here soon. 


in dreams said...

i've been really feeling sylvia, lately...have you read 'pain parties work'? it is SO good....and although sometimes it drags me down the rabbit hole of sadness, i'm always really inspired by sylvia's words. one of these days i'll be able to read her journals without them taking over my mind...

Megan said...

I love your work. I will buy as much as I possibly can, little by little! I hope my hubby got the hint to get me one of your beautiful moonstone rings for my birthday next week. I sent him a direct link LOL! It is truly one of the most beautiful rings I've seen. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Unknown said...

Jess, this was a beautiful post, thanks for sharing. I, too, suffer from a melancholic personality, and at times find myself drowning in sorrow and negativity, but this year has brought a lot of positive changes for me as well. I can relate to what you wrote. My next step is to design my jewelry and move out steps! Things are slowly getting better <3

Unknown said...

I know how you feel, I suffer from melancholy and anxiety as well. And have felt a twinge of summertime sadness in May and June. However, I continually remind myself of how much better things are going now than a few years ago. Thank you for sharing! I use my blog for that reason as well. It is through writing and making art/jewelry that I find some relief. Glad you are enjoying your creativity, freedom, and independence. <3

bloodmilk. said...

@Erika: Thank you lady! It is a bit of summertime sadness for me too I think. It will pass !

@in dreams: I always prefer Anne Sexton over Sylvia but I lover her Ariel poems

@Megan: Thank you so much !