Tuesday, October 22, 2013

october cabinet: thinning veil.

Light Witch / Courtney Brooke



* lapham's quarterly is an amazingly beautiful printed journal that comes out seasonally, each based around a general theme of the human experience on earth, such as death (current issue), nature, animals, the sea etc. what i love about this publication aside from its attention to detail in the printed quality and chosen imagery, is how the past and present are represented in the writers they choose. since i only caught on to this publication a few issues back, i'm currently saving to purchase their beautifully packaged back issue box sets. even their social media sites are inspiring, their tumblr is beautiful and they also have a blog i've been keen on. 
* waiting for 'heavenly bodies: cult treasures & spectacular saints from the catacombs' by paul koudounaris to come in the mail. this is a beautiful follow up to 'the empire of death', which was released in 2011 to much acclaim. aside from the beautifully macabre images, paul also has a phd in art history and writes wonderfully.  


* king dude, who put on a really terrific live show. mostly enamored with the dark romantic nature of some of the songs. 

* erras, whom i was introduced to by way of this IG post.  (please add there or here if you have anymore recommendations.) 

* broadcast's soundtrack for berberian sound stage. this was the last project trish keenan worked on & is stunningly spooky.

cocoon life:

* still settling into my loft a year and a half later & recently had the chance to hang all of my ellen rogers prints over a new victorian settee i picked up from jinxed. treasures abound in their shops, if you are local i can't speak highly enough about their picks or prices. 


*my friends over at peg & awl are hosting a kickstarter for margaux's new photography book, 'take your time loving me.' the video for the campaign is wonderful and i truly hope they reach their goal. if you're so inclined, please help them here. 

*from the black lodge is on tour in the US, if they are coming to your town, i encourage you to go and see all the handmade wears the troupe has collected. 

*ovate's new line of clothing is amazing, as usual. 

*naomi nowak & darby from @old_hag of IG have collaborated on a small collection of t-shirts and tote bags with one of darby's signature witchy images. 

*light witch / courtney brooke (pictured) is currently working on a portion of my upcoming lookbook. 


bloodmilk news:

*i am starting the process of opening my own webshop in tandem to etsy. all new pieces will only be found here from now on. please bookmark this as my shop. in efforts to remain as independent as possible, this has been a long time coming & though i will keep my etsy shop open, i do hope you'll support me on the new site. i will also be able to accept credit cards on this site too, which is something i've been unable to do in the past. 


Leila Marvel said...

Oooo so exciting for your jewels to be available on your website. I have been leaning that way as well.

Unknown said...

love your blog! you asked for music recommendations - have you heard of Atolla? 80s vibing but dark and moody. check them out x