Friday, January 24, 2014

the precipice.

The Garden


Guest House

The Grove

the last time i wrote about artist aron wiesenfeld was for an essay published in HF from back in 2011 (my goodness it really didn't seem that long ago.) i remember this being one of the more thrilling assignments, not only was i already a fan, but aron was incredibly kind, alarmingly humble and had a lot of thoughtful responses about his work during our interview. in the essay i related aron's work to joseph campbell's archetype of the hero's journey, in which a central figure, often from myth (& often male) sets out on a quest to retrieve/rescue a special object or person (think lord of the rings plot lines for a more modern use.) usually once the 'hero' crosses the threshold of his landscape/ home and into the realm of the journey, he has transcended a kind of supernatural boundary. upon the success of his quest, he returns home, (in some cases) but will never be the same. he will carry the mark of this transformation forever, sometimes emotionally, sometimes physically, often both.

 i often feel that most of aron's work pin points the pulse of the moment when the 'hero' is making that first wary step into the 'supernatural' wild unknown. his figures read as adolescents to me, which also speaks of another transformative, inescapable occurrence. the above recent paintings certainly have a slightly different feeling than the ones i focused on in 2011, but retain that narrative tension of choice and the power of choosing; the cross- roads and veils that motivate and inform us.

the works always strike a strong cord with me no matter what my current emotional state may be, as their subtle melancholy feels like a darkly lit, yet tender homecoming.


Laura Morrigan said...

I love the first two pictures, they really evoke a melancholy and haunted feeling in me. The last one scares me a little, not that that is a bad thing. Wonderful art!

Victoria Elena said...

These are gorgeous. I love the parallel you made about the work and the hero's journey.