Saturday, March 1, 2014

february cabinet.

an iceberg near head of Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, taken sometime between 1900-1920
(taken sometime between 1900-1920)

*lately* (or at least, last month)


* much like the last time i shared a cabinet of my currents, i unfortunately don't have time for reading. this sad truth is wholly in my control & so i have been trying to be more mindful (as reading truly is my first love) & take small bites from books of short stories. i just got in a hefty box from cake train  and have been nibbling on their 11th issue. it is filled with clipped dark gems, precisely the kind of writing that most attracts me. 

*i've also been slowly devouring lou beach's book '420.' it is a jewel box of tiny writings, all about 420 characters long, based on the amount of characters facebook allows for status updates. some are strange, others carry quite a profound weight for their miniature statures. i found him via my lovely customer service gal friday kim / wildthorne. 

* loved this post on the living apex blog on reasons to read more ( i agree with his theory of how we veg out on visual media) and its subsequent follow up with tips on how to read more ( i agree with his theory on keeping books in proximity, my/our homes are littered with books everywhere. i even sleep with them when i am in my loft. perfect bedfellows to fill the empty space.)


* we recently watched the gorgeous yet almost story-less 'only lovers left alive,'  a few of you mentioned on IG about this one when i posted on my previous film entry & rightly so. it featured a kind of trifecta of attraction for me; strange surrealist lady bird tilda swinton has never looked better in a role (seriously, when she is "packing" for her trip and fondles each book before she tucks it in her suitcase, i was breathless with pure visual pleasure and had an immediate, deep relation to her character), mia wasikowska has a small (albeit bratty role, you almost clap when she exits,)  & its a guiltypleasurevampirefilm that's somehow not nearly as cliche or predictable as one would expect from a supernatural romance. mostly what caught me was the morose melancholy meditations on life and the act of living, as well as the brilliant soundtrack, which was laden with jim jarmusch's band, sqürl, and has haunted me these past few weeks since. detroit also never looked so magical.

* les revenants is a french program that features the 'returned' dead, just as they were when they were alive ( an equally unsettling and complicatedly delightful notion.) they are neither zombies or ghosts (or at least at the point i'm at in the season anyway.) it is slow paced and creepy and has a beautifully haunting soundtrack as well by mogwai. i haven't finished watching it so won't say more, for now . . .

cocoon life:

* dreaming of building new/olde bookshelves and other moods for melancholy/new rooms over on my pinterest. 


*i've written on here before about my strange attraction to icebergs/ glaciers. lately i've slowly been writing again and these primordial giants are seeping into my thoughts . . .

bloodmilk news:

* this is a bit belated but so many thanks for all the support and patience over the past holiday season. i am slowly working on streamlining things and building a tiny team as i navigate my growing pains while remaining as independent and community based as possible. <3 p="">
* i just listed high polish finish versions of a few of my most popular rings in the shop. 

* as i mentioned recently on IG, i am working on creating wedding bands for both of the 'belonging' rings as well as a third sister version. i hope to have more news on these soon, but for now, they are being designed to specifically 'lock' around each ring but will also look equally as nice work alone. 

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in dreams said...

have you seen jeremy miranda's iceberg prints? (look him up on etsy if not…) they're so haunting and lovely, and kind of remind me of a grittier lawren harris. his other paintings are all quite surrealistic, too, and are blurry + wonderful to look at for ages. (one of these days, i will own an original!)