Thursday, June 26, 2014

what is and isn't there.

Paul Nougé

Paul Nougé

Paul Nougé

Paul Nougé

i recently came across a collection of photographs, 'la subversion des images' by belgian surrealist paul nougé (who seemed to be an essential leader of the belgian sect, but who now appears relatively obscure in research) via the bottomless rabbit hole of tumblr and realized i had often come across the first one in the past; it is nice now to put a name to an image that has seeped into my private cosmos for so long ( it does also feel to me, so akin to francesca woodman & love to think how this may have been a muse to her works. ) to know these were created during a period of surrealist unfurlings thrills me in the way nearly anything dreamlike and obsessive and strange the surrealists have conjured up from that darkly absurd ether does. 

as poetic meditations on the obsession with 'objects' (both real and imagined in these cases), i feel a certain kinship with the spooky anxiety so palpably alive; manic levitation, fretful conjuring, the mutual madness of like-minded friends, a haunting finger perhaps pointing to an unseen fate gorged with doom.....


Laura Morrigan said...

I always find black and white photography so much more moody and evocative! What wonderful pictures!

Sweeper of Dreams said...

How beautiful and magical! Cheers.

httpkat said...

nice pictures!