Monday, January 14, 2019

Closing of the Portal 2018

 Via Heavenly Bodies 

* Severance via Ling Ma

* The Third Hotel via Laura van den Berg

* The Grip of It via Jac Jemc


* Be With via Forrest Gander

* Selected Poems 1965-1975 via Margaret Atwood ( an older book, but new to me )


* Dead Girls via Alice Bolin

* Betwixt-and-Between via Jenny Boully 

* The Collected Schizophrenias via Esmé Weijun Wang
 { This will be available in February, I was graciously given an advance copy by the fine people at Graywolf Press }


Queen of Golden Dogs via Vessels

* All Melody via Nils Frahm

* Forest Bathing via Hawk and a Hacksaw

* Age Of via Oneothrix Point Never

* Most played song: You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To: Live version via Nina Simone



( the ending had me breathless )

( I saw this on my wedding day so it's extra special to me )

( for Tilda, the costume design, and the Francesca Woodman reference in a dream sequence )


* True Detective Season 1
( I'm oddly comforted by the existential pessimistic nilhism of Rust Cohle via Thomas Ligotti and watch this season often despite it being older. I have high hopes for the new season )

* King Tut Exhibit in LA
I had conflicted feelings about this as it's essentially an exhibit of stolen and displaced grave goods. I also feel changed by the experience.

* Mary Shelley / Frankenstein exhibit at The Morgan Library
This is open until the 27th of this month in NYC and on view is a number of wonders including a strand of MS's hair, shards of Percy Shelley's skull pulled from his cremains, as well as the famous painting, The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli

* Heavenly Bodies / Dangerous Beauty exhibit at the MET

* Desert Museum in Tuscon, Arizona
( It has an open air hummingbird room in which the hummingbirds flit around you and land in their tiny nests. Magic abounds )

* Crystal Cave en route to Chicago
I expected more crystals, but there's something unsettling and magic about being deep in a cold cave in the summer. When the tour guide turned her light off at one point, it was the darkest space I had ever encountered. I wrote more about this on a recent IG post here.

* Endless Enigma Exhibit in NYC at David Zwirner
This exhibit included works by William Blake, Salvador Dali, Leonor Fini, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Louise Bourgeois and many more of my dead art heroes. We heard of this exhibit after viewing the Walton Ford show at Paul Kasmin in October and I feel I'm still digesting baring witness to so many amazing works of art I've admired and viewed over the years in books and online.

* Leonor Fini at the Museum of Sex
Amazing and wonderfully curated show that will be on view until March. I've already been twice.

* Real Worlds: Diane Arbus, Brassaï and Nan Golden at MOCA in LA
I'll take any chance I can get to view Diane Arbus' work in person.

*Topo Chicos are magic. I've been trying to quit soda and sugar ( migraines ) and bubbly water helps.

* Between the Covers podcast. This is my favorite podcast and where I get a lot of book recommendations. The host, David Naimon is a thoughtful interviewer who clearly does a lot of research before he interviews an author.

*Elmwood Calcite thanks to Everyday Magic

* Belladonna Balm via Sarah Ann Lawless I have a chronic illness that effects my joints, I sometimes get migraines if I consume too much sugar. This also helps with anxiety.  It doesn't completely numb either physical or psychic pains but it takes the edges off for me. Plant allies forever: I'm working on a love letter in the form of jewels to nightshades this year.

* Road To Nowhere Oracle deck via Spirit Speak. Despite its intense colors, theres something I can quite name about this deck that makes me use it more than my tarot deck now.

* We call these Pentel Slicci gel pens "magic pens" and I've been using them for longer than this year but I find they are one of the things I can't be without. Needle point for extra fine lines.

This is a list of things I've loved in 2018, & I know I'm forgetting some things. It's nice to focus on the objects, places, experiences & tools that brought joy, relief, comfort, support and inspiration during a year that was immensely hard for a lot of people. Looking back on last year in this way has been helpful for me & its my hope there may be something of interest or inspiration to here for you.

Thank you for meeting me here, in this abandoned house. I hope to fix it up and water it more this year.

Best wishes,

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