Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lykke Li

 Lately, I've been really into Swedish singer, Lykke Li. A favorite friend introduced me to her on a mix cd and from the first time I heard her voice, I was captivated. It reminded me of the first time I heard Joanna Newsom playing in Border's right before I set sail for France. I was haunted by her voice and looked all over trying to find 'Milk-eyed Mender' to no avail. Both singer/songwriters have unique, almost childish sounding voices.

 I missed the Lykke Li with El Perro del Mar (another rad singer) show at Johnny Brenda's by two days!!! so sad. Equally sad, her debut cd, 'Youth Novels' isn't available until August 19, but her ep is out now. My favorites so far are 'Little Bit' and 'Dance Dance Dance' (which was the song on the mix cd that started the obsession.) You can listen to her music now on her myspace.  XOXO.

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