Friday, December 19, 2008

fire eaters and other freaks.

'Birthday of L'
Fuco Ueda, like many of my other favorite favorites, is amazingly inventive. She knows all your dreams and nightmares and paints them accordingly. I'm doomed to kick myself for all eternity for not buying the above beauty when it was available. I can't even imagine how much magic radiates off of it. This painting, along with several others, are responses to the Japanese writer Yumiko Kurahashi's fictions, which are surreal, cannibalistic, existential, delights. She uses initials as names which may or may not be adopted by Kafka, but Ueda mirrors this labeling in her own titles. Although you can't find much of her work translated in English, what you can get your hands on is worth delving in to. 
A nice selection of quality prints of can be found over at Nucleus gallery.

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