Sunday, December 7, 2008

Let The Right One Slip In.......

Last night here in Philly was especially freezing and wet; a perfect moody night to see this Swedish delight. From the first moments of it, I was completely drawn in. Lately, I've really overloaded my consciousness with Vampires; from 'True Blood' to 'Twilight'. However, there is something entirely different here. Firstly, it's shot so beautifully in the frigid wonderland of Sweden that you can almost feel the cool numbing your fingers and the tip of your nose. Secondly, the lead Vampire is a slight, strangely gorgeous girl of 12 named Eli that I couldn't take my eyes off of. Despite her innocent appeal she's just as bloodthirsty and ultimately violent as we expect Vampires to be, but here she is nearly homeless and often appears unclean and oddly fragile. A stark contrast to those versions we either wish we could fall in love with or even be. At the heart of the story is a tender love story and a complicated protagonist in the elfish looking 12 year old Oskar. Truly lovely film.......I doubt I'll see the 2009 "english" remake.

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