Tuesday, December 16, 2008

please find me before i'm lost forever.

I recently stumbled upon the enchanting and puzzling work of Chris Berens via Hi-Fructose magazine. The fascination his work envelopes around his viewers is much like the feeling one gets when they have found something strange and beautiful that they can't quite fit their mind around....yet. Besides his work looking just amazing, existing so wonderfully in their own dystopias, his technique is quite puzzling. Apparently he paints on thin plastic that he blow drys and then cuts up and reassembles to his liking, so his work is part traditional painting and part collage, kinda like a surrealist text or a Burroughs experiment. His show, 'Go West' just opened at Roq La Rue in WA on the 12th and is already nearly sold out. Bravo!

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