Sunday, July 19, 2009

current nighttime obsessions ii.

it's currently 3:06 am here in philly & i've been up all night making new jewels, including a few pieces i'm thrilled about that are made with snake vertebrae. i'll be making more new stuff & have plans on having a separate collection of work specifically for my poor abandoned etsy shop starting next week.
a favorite friend recently lent me the vivian girls album, which i've wanted for a while now, admittingly only because they named themselves after henry darger's army of younglings, but really love it & have been listening to it on repeat all night while stringing together spinal cords with vintage brass. i've listened to it so much already that its become trance inducing. the ladies have a lo-fi style & sound like they may be singing in a damp, echoing tunnel underground or beneath a bridge. i hope to catch them live in person this summer.
lastly, i was recently made aware of the breathtaking artwork of remedios varo today. it's been one of those discoveries that feels like an epiphany. how could i have lived my life this long without ever having seen any of this before? apparently the artist was good friend's with frida, was a surrealist & took art classes with dali. i look forward to reading a book on her life and work that was lent to me today as well. coincidentally, the woman who wrote the book is one of mictlan's professors at moore. o world! how small & delightful you are. 
xoxo goodnight.


Pam said...

Remedios Varo is my favorite favorite favorite! One of our cats is named Remedios after her (though we call her "Remy" for short). I've got books about her and such, let me know if you want to borrow. XO

Pam said...

PS Thanks for letting me know where Janet Kaplan teaches! I'm gonna see if she'll lecture at Observatory!

Missy Moonpie said...

I'm a big fan of Remedios too. You should also check out Leonora Carrington, she was also a surrealist artist a good friend of Remedios and she also also wrote some wonderful novels, 'The Hearing Trumpet' being an absolute classic. Have fun discovering her!
Moonpie XXX