Saturday, August 22, 2009

nicole dextras does ice

i've been fascinated by these haunting, ephemeral images of clothing imbedded in ice by nicole dextras. they eerily remind me of the evidence left behind after a catastrophe, the ghostly remains of what should have a body//woman inside them. these spook me in a similar way that abandoned landscapes//dollhouses do, with a hint of the apocalypse.   


Leila Marvel said...

This is funny you posted these photos, I'm here in nyc for the weekend and we just checked out the Titanic Discovery exhibit, and it was truly amazing. Got to see all these found artifacts from the bottom of the sea and remains of the ship. It was very eerie this one section, they had alot of quotes and also this huge ice sculpture you could touch, I had placed my hand on it and so painful and cold. I can't imagine what those people had gone through and to see such relics that they once cherished.

danielle v. said...