Thursday, December 10, 2009

kris lewis does the sea

i had the good fortune to see one of kris lewis's paintings in person at the unlikely venue of a fantastic burlesque show. even though the lighting for such a painting was poor, i could still see the magnificence of the piece. i've been recently enamored with these recent works of lone figures set against the dark waters of what may be icy waters. with his nearly hyper realistic style, lewis creates haunting figures that appear only slightly off, as if touched by madness, epiphany or loneliness, which are of course the main reasons i'm so drawn in to his work.


Momo Luna S!gnals said...

Great! I didn't know his art, tnx for posting.

Stef said...

What fascinating, lingering paintings. So much expression in those faces.

danielle v. said...

oooo. those oceans. i want them to swallow me whole.