Thursday, February 18, 2010

i have about 50 days before my show at topstitch, opening first friday / good friday. the show, 'catholica melancholia' will include portraits of joan of arc & the virgin mary in various re imaginings. i'll also be having a bloodmilk trunk show opening night as well, which is very exciting because despite my muteness on that front, i've been secretly conjuring so many new odd jewels. it's going to be a long hellish way from ash wednesday to good friday. purging by painting.


Leila Marvel said...

Oh I must save the date for that!

danielle v. said...

just read this: "The ultimate purgative is an exorcism." (Bhanu)...

all of your pieces are like this, yes?
a simultaneous exorcism and possession... in which way does the transfusion occur?

can't wait to see your new lovelies!


Brent Michael Canle said...

"the busy bee has no time for sorrow" - blake