Thursday, July 22, 2010

jackie puwalski x bloodmilk

incredible photographer jackie puwalski had asked me a month or so ago if she could borrow some blood jewels for a shoot. the mail was messed up a bit & the pieces didn't arrive in time so instead, jackie shot some of the work on herself. i especially love the hands, so creepy and primal! look out for the rest of the shots forthcoming on my etsy!
thanks jackie!


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous and so perfectly suited to your work!

brandi milne said...

These are booootiful!!

Leila Marvel said...


Jackie Puwalski // Photographer said...

Your pieces are so stunning, they were a blast to photograph!!


Rar Traum said...

oh girl you're my soulmate
I've never seen your blog before but I was making similar jewellery and considering similar tatoo you (?) have on your etsy photos