Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the language of underworld show folk....

coney island is one of those places i wish i could to teleport to in it's heyday.


Unknown said...

Agreed. I love Coney Island and I go every time I'm in New York, but it's just not as fun as it looked like it was in the 20's. Sigh. Love these pics.

lolo dahling said...

Meeee to!! These pics are great!

Leila Marvel said...

When I lived in Brooklyn, we took a trip there during a week day to take pics for this school project I was working on, we had to create out own tv network, mine was called the sideshow network.

Very desolate during the day, I can only imagine what it used to be like during its heyday. We visited the sideshow museum there and ended up staying for the Halloween tour that night, was really fun. Some cool side show acts too.

Anonymous said...

Magical. With just a touch of darkness.