Thursday, November 4, 2010



i'm turning 29 this month. eek! slightly depressing. on my wish list: 
three strap belt by garbage dress. no other details needed.
black/gold prism by the wild unknown. i've been coveting one of these forever. it's as if by owning it, it will magically bring more magic in my life. . . . 
& lastly, since wishes should be executed in 3's: the hundred headless women. a surrealist collage book by max ernst. i saw some of the originals in this rare book in nyc years ago. i still dream of them.

tumblr of the week: debutante's ball. this tumblr belongs to artist liza corbett & features a lovely mood board of period costuming, muted colors and powdered hair. liza's showing at amberella gallery next month! can't wait to see her works in person!  

maybe it's because the last year of my 20's is around the corner, but i'm really craving a psychic shift. i know i've posted about this before, but to those of you who may be new or who missed it, i'm enamored with artist sophie blackall's home. it's filled with everything i want in mine & perfectly edited and curated within her space. 

i'm plating bloodmilk in rose gold! the first is my two headed girl ring. if you're so inclined, please comment or send me a love note to tell me which bloodmilk pieces you think would look rad cursed by the midas touch. . . .


*image: unknown artist, mcqueen reference. if you know who made this, please tell me.


mariemeier_art said...

I don't know who is the author of this pic but it's impressive... Happy birthday even you're a little sad... Hope this will be a good day for you.

Anthropomorphica said...

I love your painting!
Sophie Blackall's home looks like I place I'd like to recline in and rummage ;)
Don't feel down about 29, it's another beautiful year ahead with gifts to bestow and lessons to learn, enjoy it!!


Happy almost BDay! :)

That's an amazing peice of art!

rachael said...

it's called a saturn's fun, i promise :)
lovely suggestions as always.

Leila Marvel said...

I would love to see the rose thorn necklace into rose gold and also if the rose thorns could be made into a rose gold ring that would be to die for.

kate s. said...

first off, happy birthday! i hope you find peace you're looking for in the coming year.
second off, i would just love to explore sophie blackall's house. it looks like there would be no end of things to discover