Tuesday, November 2, 2010

colored pencils near the sea.

danielle vogel & jl.
danielle vogel, jl. & audra dance of loved to death
'darker, my love' 
'always splitting into two, never ever whole'
'forget me not'
'to & from the neitherworld'
'always waiting for you'
'webbing the ghosts'
'watch out for sandworms! -or- the black sea part iii'

this was the quickest four day filled trip filled with luck, gray paint, ghosts, the sea, hawks, sandy boot prints, beetlejuice, boston terriers, violet champagne, 7- eleven casino, glasses filled with feathers, bone rooms, rose gold bloodmilk, love & most importantly, family & meeting new friends.
if you're interested, loved to death has made all of the paintings available on their website here. you'll also be able to view danielle vogel's ( my partner in this collaborative show) writing & stitched texts there also. please read them to fully understand the paintings, if you're so inclined.
sadly, this will be my last show of a large body of paintings until 2012. i may participate in a few group shows if asked, but my poor wrists need a break & i'd like a full year or so to work on my next show.
thank you all for your support & love.


danielle v. said...

love you madly! xx

Anonymous said...

LOVE the paintings!!!

❤Cate❤ said...

Wow such beautiful paintings!

claudia, dearest said...

Glad you posted some pictures from the show. Lovely paintings. Webbing the ghosts calls out to me personally. Vogel's words add a magnificent depth to the whole experience too. A fine pairing.

But the picture of you and your husband is my favorite. Call me crazy but its nice to see the woman (and love) behind the blood.

lolo dahling said...

Amazingly beautiful lady...wish I could have seen them in person...xo-LO

soeur de le lune said...

i loved seeing the artwork on saturday here in s.f.! i bought one of the 'forget me not' prints. it's so beautiful!

Blood Milk said...

thank you all for your kind comments!!!

audra dance said...

such an amazing whirlwind few days. xoxo love looking at the pieces everyday!!

daniel roman said...


Anonymous said...

Will you be making any prints of these?