Thursday, February 17, 2011

we're all mad here.


lately i've been more appreciative of the delicate art of a good interview. although i still think i'm far off from asking the best questions or giving the best responses on the occasions i'm interviewed, i'm far more intrigued by the medium than i was a year ago, although i've always enjoyed reading them. it's a bit like being a voyeur, you're able to see deeper into the minds of those whose works you admire. what are some of your favorite interviews?

recently i had the honor of interviewing marci washington, who creates amazing narrative paintings (pictured above) that are both beautiful and grotesque, which is always my favorite kind of dramatic tension. take a peek at the interview here over at hi-fructose.

secondly, i was interviewed last year by amber of beauty & the street magazine. if you want to take a peek at that it's here.

& lastly, i love this one question interview with writer roxanne carter at word riot. take a peek at it here. 

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