Friday, May 13, 2011

friday the 13th.


it's friday the 13th! this is the last day to enter my special give- a- way in collaboration with fictionist stacey levine. take a peek at this post & leave a comment. the randomly chosen winner will receive a signed copy of stacey's newest book 'the girl with brown fur' & the very first mouse bones necklace i made:

also my friend over at adelina mictlan is holding a special sale on her jewelry line, 13% off already & an extra 13% off with the code DOOM13.


& lastly, the 'our darling' funerary ring is FINALLY complete. & will be listed sometime over the weekend as soon as i'm able to pull my self ashore from out of the sea of words & bloodmilk. again, thanks to so many of you who have been exceedingly patient with me as i play catch up from my time away.  



loved to death said...

Not to hijack your rad post, but Loved To Death is also doing a sale this weekend. First time ever 15% off web sales (not etsy) on Sunday the 15th, in honor of Jonh Fluevog Day. Coupon code "FLUEVOG". I want that mouse bones piece!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

The ring is also very great *0* (and the badge too)