Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the transmutation.


bloodmilk is on the cusp of being 3 years olde next month. 
& like many other surrealist adventures, the first steps into this seemingly bottomless sea of blood had been entirely by chance. ever since i was little i wanted to be a fiction writer . . . & yet fate or spirit or . . . (?)  has landed me in the world of metal / bone / crystal & found objects. wading into thorny currents & heartbreak & breakthroughs & firm footing & above everything, you. whether 'you' is my family whom have always been there, or friends who i've started relationships with by meeting eye to eye, the mysterious shades of the internet who i have electric connections with, or you, who i don't know at all, but meet here in this odd & potent sort of communion. thank you again and again for all your support, kind words, & patience. these past few months have been the most exciting for me on this adventure & i can't wait to reveal everything that has been brewing. . .

*above photo was sent to me by the ever talented & lovely karyn crisis, wearing the black blood crow claw



Lauren said...

Congrats on your anniversary!
I love that image!


audra said...

we love Bloodmilk! can't wait to see what is to come....... xoxo

dalva said...

amazing! I love your work, magic and milky.

Quenny said...


Bise de France



nicki said...

As a fiction writer myself, I urge you to keep writing! Is your work featured anywhere? Of course you must continue Blood Milk Jewelry but surely you're still full of little stories dying to get out?

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