Friday, September 21, 2012

unknown rooms.


if bloodmilk had a soundtrack, it would be anything that comes from chelsea wolfe's mouth/heart/brain. i know i post about her a lot here; i promise i do listen to other music (obsessed with this krautrock mix latey on 8 tracks.) chelsea released info on her new acoustic album 'unknown rooms' today, including a pre-order for the cd / vinyl here.  in the meantime, le city kitty has 'appalachia' streaming here, 'flatlands' here &  'the way we used to' here. 

as for me, i'll be releasing some new jewels in honor of autumn this month.


claudia, dearest said...

saw her live in SF a week ago. it was so beautiful and touching. sporting my bloodmilk of course. <3

D. said...

Her voice is so haunting. LOVE.