Friday, March 8, 2013

her kind.





one of the things that attracts me to art & literature is an 'otherness,' an odd quality that is akin to "realness" but slightly off, stranger.

i especially love to find this element coupled with works that explore identity, i.e. when a face is obstructed, unseen. this marriage provokes an unsettling feeling that just hypnotizes me. here, heidi yardley uses this device to much success, a face is swathed in manicured hair while another wears a meat like mask.

most uncanny to me is the last one, a face turned away, staring into a blank landscape of nothing, jewel-like lesions growing on her neck like a fever. so much of what's going on here feels akin to my days lately, patiently waiting for the winter to lift & vanish like smoke, moods shifting and bordering on the down-right gloomy. 


Meg Fazio said...

Beautiful! I feel the same way about winter right now. The last line that you wrote is so perfect.

AVY said...

Gorgeous, I love that uncanny feeling too.

How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


Epic Thread said...

Wow, these paintings are amazing. Just a tad disturbing, but still beautiful.
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Anonymous said...

i found her work a while ago and was so enchanted! glad you share this.