Wednesday, September 18, 2013



It is hard to believe I have let nearly 2 months go by without checking in here. This silence is a testament to a few things; the summer was particularly tumultuous (both in happy ways, and a few unfortunately gloomy ones as well . . .). I am forever thankful for the growth Blood Milk has been experiencing this year and hope to get back to sharing here more regularly as I learn how to carry on running an independent business on my own.

In lieu of this, today marks a kind of anniversary for my jewels, a kind of endless circle & I wanted to honor this special 'birthday.' Today marks the 5 year anniversary that my father, Richard Schnabel, left this world. 

As a child, I was always attracted to the 'darker' side of life, having gotten glimpses into what I believe can only be described as an 'otherness.' It wasn't however until the sudden passing of my father under tragic circumstances and the subsequent pit of grief that I fell into afterwards that I truly became obsessed. I have often talked about how Blood Milk was born from this dark place, how I needed to find a way to comfort myself. While the intensity of my grief has waned, it is still from this liminal place, that most of my work is created. I am still seeking a way to verify if there is the possibility of an afterlife, if there is a way to more tangibly carry on a relationship with those that have departed our earthly plane.

I could not imagine how, in the last 5 years, making jewelry for myself as a way to cope became something I would be able to do to support and sustain myself. I am grateful to have your support and kindness over the years, I place a lot of value on community and have been awed by how much the one I am involved in has grown. 

Thank you, always, for meeting me here.