Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Etsy Love

Today I found two notes in my Etsy inbox about lovely top picks my jewelry was included in!

This collection comes from a Storque Article you can find HERE.
 All of the designers are incredibly talented and I loved each piece.  

I was also included in this amazing treasury located HERE in Treasury West. Again, I was delighted by the surrounding artists. Thanks to the lovelies at GetReadySetGo for including me. Their luggage is amazing and I recently received a few pieces of it myself as a gift. I'll post some pics of them soon. 

Also, if you happened to notice, my blog got a little make-over courtesy of the super-talented Lelia of Red Heart Cult. You can find her jewelry and other dark lovelies HERE. Her blog is also a favorite stop of mine while voyaging the Internet. 

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Leila Marvel said...

Wow whee thanks so much for writing about me, mean alot! Tee Hee