Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dangerous Darlings

These covetable shoes are a collaboration from the House of the Rodarte Sisters and Christian Louboutin. I read somewhere that the inspiration for the shoes was the french saying of "an iron fist in a velvet glove." Taking this saying a bit forward, I researched medieval witch torture devices and noticed how similar the look of the shoes were to the Iron Maiden. Although this might be a direct reference to how fashion can be at times "torture" (especially when it comes to shoes...) I find them strangely beautiful with a feeling of danger, elements that I love to use in all aspects of my personal work. 
It's interesting to think that there was a time in our recent history when women were persecuted for being different, sexual or strange..and now we have a woman running for Vice President whom, if given supreme power could plunge women's right into the dark ages and has actually been blessed against witchcraft! Equally interesting is the reclaiming of these devices that pop up in forward fashion. Ironic and so very visually pleasing.....Each color/spike variation of the shoe is lovely. The netted tights also by the Rodarte sisters, add an interesting mix of shapes and textures.

 My preference would be these black on black ones. Even though they are the most dangerous with the spikes on the top of the shoes, I would love to wear them out with the right little black dress.....they could even be used as a weapon on the walk home.......
Since I could never afford ( or wear them with the grace of models.....) they'll be popping up in a a painting or two for my upcoming show at Topstitch in the dead of winter, February.

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