Monday, October 20, 2008

The strongest weapon in the world is the teenage girl...

Kime Buzzelli, is a busy little bee. As owner of rad boutique Show Pony , she is also an amazing painter and has lovely new work over at Dirty Pilot. 
 "Untitled # 11".  This piece makes me nostalgic for the books I worshipped in high school, such as Francesca Lia Block's collection of modern day fairy tale books. 
"What Fools Are Made Of" This is my favorite from the group. I like how she uses line work, color and subject matter to convey these narrative moments of love and fashion. 

Also, I've been tagged for the first time! by the lovely Lelia of Red Heart Cult.

7 Random Facts:

1. I have an obsession with teeth. I paint them and write about them. I even own several silver teeth charms I got from my love the first x-mas we spent together.
2. I sleep with my deck of tarot cards beneath my pillow.
3. I have watched "Fight Club" more times than I can count and used to not be able to fall asleep without having it on. I love Marla Singer's character and quote her often.
4. As a child I longed to be a boy and to sprout wings. I used to live in trees.
5. A few of my favorite sounds are: ice cubes crackling in a glass before a drink is poured over them, rain against my air conditioner during the summer, and my grandmother's voice when I enter her house for a visit.
6. I love the smell of books. New books, old books, I love them all! I often press my nose into them before I buy them in vintage stores. I am currently reading 3 lovely books right now.
7. Anne Sexton is my favorite poet from my youth and I have her initials tattooed on my right wrist for good luck and inspiration during my own writing. Her work shaped my early desires to be a poet which have since evolved into becoming a fiction writer using poetic language.  

I tag my lovely cousin, E the Bee of EstellaAura Vintage. Maybe this will make her start a blog!

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Leila Marvel said...

I love that girls artwork so bright and colorful. Filled with rainbows of love and funny characters.

I see you've wrote your facts, you and my friend Gene would get along so well, that is his favorite movie.